Auto imports and exports worldwide. We can move a vehicle form any port to any other port usually with a full choice of car shipping methods including containerized (FCL & LCL); roll on-roll off (RO-RO), and conventional on-deck car export methods. Choose from a full range of optional extras, as required, including full insurance coverage.

A selection of different car shipping options are available, and cars can be shipped in steel shipping containers, on the enclosed car decks of ocean going RO-RO car ferries, or by conventional means.


Container shipping encompasses a number of different options. We offer 20ft. or 40ft. FCL "sole use" container services with only your vehicles in the container, to most major ports worldwide. This involves your car being secured within a container with straps and wheel chocks to hold it in place. You effectively pay for the sole use of the container, for your vehicle only. (A number of options are available - at extra cost - should you have other goods and wish to ship them at the same time).

To regular destinations, including Australian and New Zealand ports, South Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, UK and European ports, we have frequent shared container services. Your car is loaded into the container, and a crate is custom-built around it to protect your vehicle in transit. You pay only for the space taken up within the container by your timber-framed vehicle. We then load the rest of the container with other goods (baggage, personal and household effects, and furniture). Your vehicle is fully enclosed in transit by a 4" (10cm) timber frame. (Again, a number of options are available - at extra cost - should you have other goods and wish to ship them).

Ocean Going RO-RO Car Ferry

Selected destinations are also served by ocean going roll on-roll off car ferry (RO-RO) services. Such vessels are purpose built car carriers, used by manufacturers to deliver brand new vehicles around the world. Cars are protected from the elements and are secured within enclosed car decks, by straps and chocks, to tie points. Normally such services are not as frequent as container vessels, but there can be useful cost savings on some routes over container shipment.

Conventional Shipping

Yet another method of shipping is "conventional" shipment. Your vehicle is carried on deck (possibly uncovered), or within the hold of the vessel. There are obvious drawbacks with conventional shipping and we do not recommend this method of shipment where more modern services are an option. Nevertheless, conventional shipment is very cost effective to certain destinations, where container and RO-RO services are not available.

Our import and export services in Bahrain is not limited to car shipping alone, but we also undertake shipping of household products, personal belongings, office equipment and other moving necessities. We are fully licensed to ship across the globe thus ensuring no troubles with our shipping.