The logistics industry, like so many others, has undeniably realized that 'bigger is not better' as so many shippers have suffered decreased services and services failures.

The transportation industry can present an array of diverse problems to shippers requiring decisions and foresight from a logistics company with extensive and intimate knowledge of the industry. TransGulf Maritime Services is one of the best logistics and freight forwarding companies. Our experience, resources, stability, and integrity as well as our company mission consistently enable us to maximize client satisfaction.

TransGulf Maritime has successfully performed for many project works for agencies and contractors. We have not only performed on time and on budget on behalf of these agencies and contractors, but have also received dozens of special commendations for outstanding work.

The exceptional value added elements that TransGulf Maritime brings its clients are an accomplished track record of successful project shipments, comprehensive communication with both the home office and field personnel and utilization of our very efficient tracking systems.

Important cost areas such as shipment loss or damage, port detention, project down-time and project management involvement are reduced and often eliminated by TransGulf Maritime's diligent planning, implementation and expert management.

Our problem solving skills, both identifying potential issues that can arise and reacting to challenges from political strife or natural disasters, are applied to each facet and segment of the shipment to ensure on-time and cost effective delivery.


TransGulf Maritime possesses perhaps the most qualified, knowledgeable, and well-respected staff in the logistics companies today. In all areas of technical evaluation, including total years; total projects; contractors worked for; number of countries worked in; or value of contracts handled; our total staff experience is second to none.


The TransGulf Maritime Service's web based tracking system identically reflecting the client's shipment details by giving clients full visibility in real time, every aspect of the receiving, warehousing, packaging, and transport of materials and equipment.


We take pride in our corporate commitment to excellence following a strict ethical code while maintaining honesty and moral soundness.